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Basic Database and m-Power Terms

Please review the following database and m-Power terms:

Database Terms

Database A collection of stored data in a structured format. A Data Dictionary is a collection of tables and fields and the applications you build over them. It is your m-Power work environment.
Table A set of data values that is organized using a model of vertical columns and horizontal rows. A table is analogous to a spreadsheet document, like those maintained by Microsoft Excel.
Column A set of data values of a particular type, sometimes called a field.
Row A single structured data item in a table, representing a set of related data, sometimes called a record.

m-Power Terms

m-Power Software to automate application development and rapidly create powerful enterprise-class Web applications.
Data Dictionary A collection of tables and the applications built over them. It is an m-Power work environment.
Application A complete Web application created with m-Power, including interface screens, logic, and database access.
Template A program shell that defines the program layout and functionality. The template is combined with the application specifications to create a generated program.
Retrieval An application that retrieves data from the database and displays it to a browser.
Report An application similar to a retrieval that includes additional features like a prompt page for selecting runtime parameters, the ability to list data at detail/subtotal/grand total levels, graph the data set, output to various formats, and run in batch processes.
Summary An application that reads in data from existing tables and outputs to a brand new table, often useful for data warehousing.
Maintenance An application that allows end users to insert, update, and delete data in database tables.
Calculation A work field in an application that is derived from database fields, system values, or external business logic.
External Object An outside function that executes business logic. It might accept parameters from the application and return values to the calling application. It can be written in any high-level language like SQL, Java, C, COBOL, or RPG.
SmartLink A link between m-Power-generated applications that automatically passes appropriate parameters, for the purpose of creating larger, complex systems.
Synonyms A field pair that can be used for joining tables and linking applications.
m-Power Users People who can make applications with m-Power. Developers and business users familiar with their data can be m-Power Users.
End Users These are the users for which the m-Power Users develop applications. End Users run existing applications, but do not create their own.

Learn more about the m-Power Data Dictionary by clicking here.

Updated on September 27, 2021

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