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Utilizing the Promote to Production Plugin

Overview & Video

This video documentation will discuss how to utilize the Promote to Production Utility. To learn how to configure this feature, please be sure to see Part 1: Configuring the Promote to Production utility. Click here to access Part 1.


Using the Promote to Production Utility

Under Quick Links, select Change Project. Here you can select the project you are currently working on promoting. I will select the Customer Portal project. I am now automatically taken to the Quick Links -> Promote to Production screen.

ere you can see this screen is broken down by application type. Simply select an application to promote by selecting a dictionary, application type, and specific application number.  Please note that only dictionaries you are authorized to access are available to select. Once you’ve added the applications, m-Power will automatically comb through the application design to determine if any other child applications are referenced. If any are found, they we will automatically added to this project. To select to promote this application, click the “Promote” link. Notice that the specific application you promoted now appears on the right hand side of the screen in your Promotion Review panel.

If any External Objects or UDFs were used in these applications, they would be automatically listed on the External Objects/UDF Tab.

Had I wanted to promote an entire dictionary, I could have selected it from the “Dictionaries” tab.

The “Other Files” allows you the ability to promote common files from any dictionary. Simply select the dictionary from the drop-down list and select any files listed.

Once completed, click the Promote All Project Files button. Notice that all common files for this dictionary have automatically been added to the Promotion Review Panel.

To complete the production process, click the “Promote Project Selections” button. Lastly, click select the destination that you want your files promoted to and hit OK. Once completed, you can either restart Tomcat immediately in production or manually restart Tomcat later.

Updated on August 2, 2022

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