On the m-Power hotline, we sometimes field calls from developers who are trying to compute values based on subtotal or grand total values within their Reports. As you already know, m-Power Report templates, by default, will always add values vertically to compute sub-total and grand total values.

As you can see here, m-Power is determining these values simply by adding up all of the detail values in this section to derive the subtotal value. However, when working with values that divide, including percentages, the typical method to determine subtotal and grand total values will not apply.
Once again m-Power is adding up these values. However, since they are percentages I do not want them to be summed. Instead I’d rather have the values be determined at the subtotal level, that is to say horizontally, or  East to West.

To accomplish this, Instead of creating my calculation in the m-Power interface, which will create the calculation at the detail level, I can use the Total Level Calculator within m-Painter to achieve this.

Open m-Painter, then click on the cell where you want your total level calculation to live. First delete the existing field, then click the Calculator icon, then specify the necessary fields, from the proper location.

Once your application has been saved, please run it. Notice now that this value is no longer be determined based on the sum of the column, but instead is being computed from the values listed on the grand total level directly.

Created: December 21, 2012 | Modified: June 12, 2017