Create Calendar Pickers in m-Painter

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Adding a calendar picker/helper to your application allow your end-users to quickly and easily pick dates in the correct format.

Adding a Calendar Picker

To add a date picker, open m-Painter and select the input field you would like to now utilize the picker.

Next, in the element window, select “Calendar Picker.”

Calendar Configuration

You will now be presented with configuration options for your Calendar Picker.

Select a date format — You must select the format that matches your date’s format in the database.

Max Days in the past/future — Adding a number to either of these boxes will set a minimum/maximum date based on the number of days from today. For instance if you put “30” in each box, your user could only user the date picker to select a day within the window of 30 days ago through 30 days in the future.

Show Month/Year Selections? — This feature, when checked, allows the user to quickly switch to a different month or year, rather than paging through each month.

Remove Calendar Picker — Removes the calendar picker element from the input and reverts the input to a basic input.

Close — Closes the window without saving any changes.

Save — Saves your calendar picker configuration.

Once you have made all the changes you would like, please click the blue “Save” button. Run your application.

Runtime Example

Updated on November 29, 2023

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