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Reports generated in m-Power follow the general flow of listing detail levels followed by a subtotal row. Often times, this means that you may have a report with data that repeats across multiple rows, like this:

Notice that there are 5 lines of detail for Customer: Four Seasons? While each row is accurate to list the customer number and customer name, there are times where clients want to suppress this repeating data.

How to

Open m-Painter and click on the field you wish to hide in the event that it repeats.

If you want to hide multiple fields, you will need to repeat these steps for each field as you can only hide one field at a time in m-Painter.

After selecting your field, click on the “Hide Repeating Data” button on the right side element selector.

Acknowledge the prompt:

In most cases, you will just press Save. This means that unless the selected value changes, it will be hidden. However if you wanted to show the selected value in the event ANOTHER field changes, select that field from the dropdown list. Then, in the event that either the selected field OR the secondary field change, then your selected value will be printed. Otherwise, it will be hidden.

You will notice that in m-Painter, any fields that have been set to hide duplicating values will be wrapped in a small dotted red box, as seen here:

Finished Example

Repeat this process for any other field you wish to hide. At runtime, your output will look like this:

Notice in the image above, the customer# and the customer name only appear once per detail section.

Updated on November 28, 2023

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