Inserting Fields to an Existing App


For a variety of reasons, you may find the need to add a data field from your app specs/field settings into your application after your app has been compiled and HTML generated. m-Painter allows you to insert any field from your app specs without having to overwrite your HTML.

Fields to Insert

From the left-hand Component Panel, there are two types of fields that can be inserted via m-Painter: Fields in this app and System Fields.

Fields in this App

The listed fields are pulled from the Field Settings screen of your application specifications.

All fields from Field Settings will show in this list regardless if set to Display/Hide.

System Fields

Developers can insert data values pulled from the system instead of from the configured dataset. These values include:

  • Current Username
  • Data Dictionary
  • Session ID
  • System Date (ISO)
  • System Time (ISO)
  • Today
  • Yesterday

System Value Fields can only be inserted at the current cursor position.

Insert to Current Position

The first icon to the right of the field will insert the respective data field into the location of your cursor’s current position.

Append to Data Table

Data Lists

The second icon to the right of the field will append an entire column to the end of the data table. This will include the field description as the column header and the data value in the data cell.


m-Painter is smart enough to include the appropriate levels if inserting into a Report template.

If a field is set to “Hide” from the Field Settings screen in the App Specs, this option is unavailable.

Web Form

Appending a field to a Single Row Form will append the field/input to the bottom of the form.

Updated on November 27, 2023

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