m-Painter Source Mode Features

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This document’s aim is to cover some of the notable features now available within the HTML editor/source mode via m-Painter.

Editor Features

Basic Features Improved

Finding, replacing, indenting, and formatting the layout overall are significantly improved within this text editor.

Improved organization of application asset files

Best practice coding includes separating application assets (CSS and JavaScript) away from the application’s HTML. m-Painter lets you do this. Via the source mode, click the JS or CSS tab, and a new window will appear. This separate file will be invoked by your application but the resulting code will be located in a different file. This file will be located in either /mrcclasses/DATADICTIONARY/APP/js or /mrcclasses/DATADICTIONARY/APP/css.

Promote to production will automatically promote these files during a typical promotion event.

Section collapse/expand

You can quickly collapse any section of code by finding the first line of that section. Directly between the line number and the text, you will find a chevron pointing down. Clicking on that arrow, will cause that entire section of HTML to collapse into a single line. Repeat the process to expand said selection.


This editor comes with 3 standard themes:

  • VS: (White)
  • VS-Dark (Black) – Default
  • HC-Black (High Contrast Black)

The default option may be set per Data Dictionary in Admin -> Dictionary Configuration -> Interface and Build Settings -> via the “mrc Editor Theme” property.

Should individual developers want to set their own default theme that is different than the dictionary default, they may do so directly in the m-Painter source of any application they are working in:

Updated on December 6, 2023

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