Advanced Search Options

m-Power offers two Advanced Search options, an Advanced Search Row and an Advanced Search Dialog. When the Advanced Search Row is enabled, end-users can select a relationship from a dropdown within the header and enter a value to search. Note that the relationship is abbreviated within the dropdown. Also, end-users can specify how many rows to display on the screen.

When the Advanced Search Dialog is enabled, end-users must first click the ‘Selections’ button prior to searching for a value. Note that the relationship is fully written out within the dropdown. Like the search row, end-users can still specify how many rows to display on the screen.

Applications will use either the search row or search dialog by default depending on the Data Dictionary configuration. To change the default, navigate to Admin>Edit Data Dictionary Files>Dictionary Configuration, and select the Application Options tab. Select your preferred search option and click ‘Accept’ to save.

Alternatively, this option can be specified on the application level. To do so, open the Application and navigate to Application Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where the Compile Options section can be found. Then select your preferred search option.

Whenever changing your search option, you must recompile and overwrite the HTML for this to take effect.

Created: October 11, 2012 | Modified: December 23, 2013