mrc's Application Software Vendor Partnership Program

As an application software vendor, why don't you close every qualified prospect and retain every customer? While the reasons vary, it generally boils down to a simple fact: You’re in the difficult position of selling the same software to different companies--no two of which are the same. You can’t fit every prospect’s exact requirements, or adapt to every customer's changing needs.

But...what if you could?

What if you could meet your prospect's exact requirements? What if your software could adapt to your customer's changing needs? We created the Application Software Vendor Partnership Program with those goals in mind. It's designed to help you:

1. Close a higher percentage of qualified prospects

Application software rarely fits a prospect's needs perfectly. With most prospects, your software is bound to be strong in some areas, yet weak in others. What if you could not only eliminate those weaknesses, but turn them into strengths? How? Application software vendors who join our partner program can use m-Power--our web application development platform--to quickly address weaknesses in their software and make it fit every customer's exact requirements. This helps you create an offering completely tailored to the prospect’s needs, giving you a far better chance of closing the deal.

2. Keep customers on maintenance longer

Over time, your customer's needs evolve. Industry regulations change. Unless your software changes right along with them, you're bound to lose some customers along the way. Now, what if your customers could add new features and capabilities into your software as needed--without altering your software at all? When packaged with your existing software, m-Power lets your customers extend and surround your software to fit their ever-changing needs. This lets your software stay current longer and grow as your customers grow--helping you retain more customers on maintenance.

3. Adapt to current and future trends on the fly

Do you struggle to keep your software current with ever-changing technology trends? m-Power adds a tactical aspect to application software—letting vendors augment their software with new features and capabilities as needed. Using m-Power, application software vendors can adapt their software to current and future technology trends as they happen.

It's all possible with our Application Software Vendor Partnership Program. If you're an application software vendor, we'd love to learn more about your company and answer any questions you have about our partner program. Just give us a call at 630-916-0662, or complete the short form below.

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