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Why do foodservice companies choose m-Power?

Companies in the Foodservice Industry choose m-Power because it lets them address a variety of needs using a single platform. m-Power creates BI applications, automates business processes, builds portals, generates mobile apps, and delivers real-time reporting...all without coding. Here are a few ways m-Power can help your organization:

Connect Disparate Data Sources

Is your data spread across multiple systems? Do you rely on spreadsheets to pull large amounts of data together? Let m-Power connect your disparate data and provide a single version of the truth.

Extend your ERP system

Does your ERP system perfectly fit your needs? m-Power lets you extend your ERP system with custom capabilities (like reporting or mobile apps), without altering the underlying system.

Deliver mobile data access

What if you could access real-time data from any mobile device? m-Power creates responsive web applications that work across all tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

Use across your whole business

With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your business. Thanks to m-Power's point-and-click interface, anyone in your organization can create reports in minutes.

Provide data visibility

Do you have trouble accessing data or reports? m-Power lets you create reports and dashboards that pull data from multiple data sources automatically.

Create solutions that fit your business

m-Power creates custom reports faster than it takes to deploy off-the-shelf software. The advantage: Your analytics applications work the way you do, not the other way around.

See m-Power build a report over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

We chose m-Power for its flexible Business Intelligence capabilities, but also realized that it offers a far more extensible platform as compared with other more specialized BI tools. With m-Power, we've consolidated our data into a secure web portal where each department can easily access the data and reports they require in seconds. We have utilized m-Power to extend capabilities of our existing Retalix ERP database—avoiding modification costs and giving us more bang for the buck.

Paul Millard, IT Manager at Renzi Foodservice

m-Power is the tool you need to...

Pull data from multiple sources into one report with m-Power

Connect disparate data systems

It’s hard to analyze profit when data is spread across multiple systems. Many organizations in the foodservice industry are forced to pull data out of different systems and combine everything manually--making it difficult to track profits.

m-Power automates this process--delivering a clear picture of your financial data. Instantly view the true profitability of your products, routes, and customers so you can make informed decisions.

Augment your ERP system

Does your ERP system perfectly fit your needs? Is it missing features that you want/need? The problem is, customizing an ERP system is expensive and locks you into your current version.

m-Power let's your create web applications that integrate with your ERP data. It lets you build custom features and capabilities (like mobile apps, reporting, budgeting, etc...) over your existing system, without altering the ERP itself. In other words, you can have a custom-fit ERP system...without the high customization costs!

Extend your ERP system
Spreadsheets to reports

Automate your reporting

Does your IT department still handle reporting? Or, does your organization rely on spreadsheet programs (like Excel) for reporting? If so, you're facing a reporting bottleneck that slows down data delivery.

With m-Power, you can take reporting burden off of your IT department. You can ditch the cumbersome spreadsheets. m-Power automates the reporting process. It lets end users create reports on their own, and still lets the IT department control data and user access. Or, you can create canned reports and deliver them via secure reporting portals. The choice is yours.

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Foodservice Distributor Case Study: Renzi Foodservice

Renzi Foodservice relied on multiple systems--not all of which communicated with each other. The result: They had trouble tracking "True Profit", and tasks like reporting and budgeting were time-consuming. In this case study you'll learn how they used m-Power to augment their ERP system, connect multiple systems together, and deliver a clear view of their business.


Extended the life of their ERP system, delaying a $250,000 upgrade

Provided mobile ERP data access, while avoiding the $75,000 module fee

Transformed a month-long budgeting process into an automated budgeting process

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What can you create with m-Power?

Financial Reporting Portal

Financial Reporting

Create financial reporting applications that are customized to your precise business needs. Deliver P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow applications, and more.

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KPI Dashboards

Bring real-time data to your employees with user-definded dashboards. These dashboards offer complete customizations: You can control dashboard data and user access, while users can adjust their dashboard's layout and displayed data.

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KPI Dashboard
Production Reporting

Scheduled Reporting

Automate your reporting with m-Power. Generate and distribute reports on a schedule, or based on changes in data.

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Reporting Portals

Create secure portals for easy access to reports, dashboards, and analytics. Secure portals by user or role, so every employee can only see the data they’re authorized to access.

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Foodservice Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Deliver secure, real-time data to your employees/customers via smartphones and tablets. Because m-Power creates responsive web applications, every report you create works on all devices.

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Workflow automation

Most manufacturing analytics software will simply deliver data. m-Power takes it a step further with workflow automation, which lets you use data to trigger workflow events.

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Workflow Automation

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