Application Modernization with m-Power

m-Power's unique "extend-and-surround" approach to modernization eliminates risk and lets you modernize your applications without disrupting your business. The result: Truly modern applications, built using modern methods and frameworks.

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Why choose m-Power to modernize your legacy applications?

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Case Study

Bimba Manufacturing modernizes and innovates for a six-figure savings

Read this case study and learn how Bimba Manufacturing used m-Power to modernize their aging backend with web technologies.

  • Choice of m-Power resulting in 6-figure cost savings.
  • Created modern web applications over their 15-year old mainframe.
  • Improved ease-of-use and added new capabilities.
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Learn how m-Power can help you

Crash Course in Modernization

This white paper will give you a crash course on application modernization. It will help you understand what must happen in the modernization process and explain your modernization options.

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How to turn a character-based program into a web application

This video walks you through the process of turning a green-screen, character-based program into a web application using m-Power.

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