Unlimited Users and Applications on all Pricing Tiers

We've created unique licensing options for m-Power--unlike any other licensing structure you'll find. It's designed to eliminate extra fees and deliver maximum value. All of m-Power's licensing options include:

No Seat/User Fees

With m-Power, you'll never worry about seat fees. You can have as many developers or users as you want. m-Power is built to scale.

Unlimited Applications

With m-Power, you'll never run into application limits. Create and deploy as many applications as you need. m-Power won't hold you back.

Cloud/On-Premise Deployment

With m-Power, you'll never run into deployment restrictions. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud. m-Power provides deployment flexibility.

When I think about the cost of that ownership relative to the value we've received, it's fantastic. I mean, the leverage on it is amazing, right? If you're an economics person or finance person, you understand the notion of scale: If you have a fixed cost and you could sell more units over that fixed cost, your margin goes way up. m-Power has similar leverage for us.

Case Escher, Employee Services Consultant at The Partners Group

We offer a variety of licensing options, with plans starting at $1,500/month. To figure out which option is best for your business, we'll need to understand a little bit about needs. Licensing options vary by a number of factors, such as:


Do you need to embed applications in your current software, or distribute to clients? Certain plans let you sell and/or distribute applications for free.

Template Access

m-Power comes with a variety of pre-built templates. We have plans that let you license all m-Power templates, or just license the ones you need.

Licensing Type

We offer both perpetual and subscription license. Would you prefer to pay a one-time license fee and receive unlimited access, or pay yearly/monthly?

We’d love to learn more about your company and help you find a plan that will best fit your goals. Call us today at (630) 916-0662 x124 (US), +44-20-335-59566 (UK), or click the button below and we’ll call you.

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