Why choose mrc for your next development project?

We want our development services team to feel like an extension of your business. That's why we strive to deliver personalized service that you won't find anywhere else. Here's what you can expect from our services team:

Work directly with developers

With many development shops, you don't actually work with the developer who creates your application. Rather, you give your project specs to administrators or project managers who then pass everything along to the developer.

It's different at mrc. From planning to development to delivery, you'll work directly with the consultants/developers who are building your application. This direct interaction reduces the risk of miscommunication and increases the chance that the finished product is exactly what you wanted.

You'll work with the same consultant

A team that learns your business

The benefits of working directly with our consultants/developers grows with each project. If at all possible, we make sure you have the same dedicated team working with you on every project.

The advantage: Over time, they become more familiar with your organization's unique needs and challenges. It's one reason why our clients say that working with us, "feels like having your own development team."

work with the same team

Experienced developers

Our clients never have to worry about inexperienced developers on their project. With some development shops, it can change from project to project. Maybe you'll get a veteran or maybe you'll get a rookie.

It's different here. All of our consultants are US or UK-based and have at least 5 years of development experience here at mrc. They know the ins-and-outs of software development, and bring this experience to every project.

Our consultants are experienced

Direct communication

We believe direct communication is a critical part of a successful project. If you need to contact us during your project, you won't have to work through different levels of people. You have a direct line to your consultant.

This open communication really gives our clients peace of mind in a couple of ways. First, they know we're always just a phone call (or email) away. Second, they know that they'll speak directly to the people that can help them.

Reach out to us with questions

mrc's service is fantastic. I've never known a company this efficient. It is the complete opposite of every other company we've dealt with.

Paul Scyner, IT Manager at Daiwa Sports

mrc is a great company to work with! They are customer centric and interested in seeing their customer’s projects flow smoothly.

Jon Cantrell, Boise Paper Holdings LLC

I've never had a development shop be as successful as I have with mrc. They know their stuff.

Robert Reeder, CIO and VP of Technology at Henley Enterprises

Our Secret Weapon

Our consultants have a secret weapon: The m-Power Development Platform! m-Power eliminates the tedious and repetitive coding required in any development project. m-Power also helps keep development costs lower and ensures that our development projects are:

Delivered Quickly

We'll deliver cutting edge web applications in days/weeks, up to 80% faster than traditional coders.

Built on Open Architecture

We create web applications that are built on open architecture using industry-standard code.

A Perfect Fit

Applications will easily fit into your existing systems and authentication methods (like SSO).

Easily Enhanced

Applications created by our consultants are free standing, and do not require m-Power for maintenance or enhancements.


We can include all types of security features like multi-tenant security, role-level security, application security, and more.


Our digital solutions give you complete platform flexibility. Deploy your apps on-premise or run them in the cloud.

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Our Development Services

Here's a brief overview of our development and integration services. If you're looking for a development service not listed below, let us know. Chances are, we probably do it too. Drop us a note and let us know what you're looking for.

Software Consulting

Our software consultants work with you to understand your organization's needs and goals. Then, they help you plan the best approach for your specific requirements.

Web Application Development

We specialize in data-driven enterprise web application development. From portals to dashboards to CRM systems, we're your one stop shop for web application development.

Legacy Modernization

Our unique "extend-and-surround" approach to modernization eliminates risk and lets you modernize legacy applications at your own pace without disrupting your business.

Software Integration

Worried that our custom web applications won't fit into your existing ecosystem? We offer integration services to ensure your applications work with your existing software.

API Development

We offer API development and API integration services services to ensure that your applications will seamlessly connect to your vendors, partners, or third-party tools.

Business Process Automation

Our software engineers can make sure your web applications fit into your existing workflow, or they can create new software applications to automate your manual processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our development services.

You claim to complete projects 50-80% faster than other developers. How is this possible?

We use our development platform (m-Power) for the majority of the development process. This eliminates much of the repetitive and tedious coding that's required in any development project, dramatically reducing development time.

What is m-Power?

m-Power is our low-code development platform that combines development speed and flexibility in one package. Generated applications can be customized in any way, or even extended with custom logic or third-party tools.

Does using m-Power limit the features or customization in any way?

No! m-Power is built for customization and flexibility. We can add any features you want, and applications are customized to fit your exact specifications. They can also integrate with your other software or third-party tools.

Does that mean I’m tied to m-Power (or your services team) for changes?

Not at all! m-Power creates applications using standard, human-readable code. Any developers familiar with Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript can maintain the applications. You can see a full technology stack here: m-Power Tech Stack.

Do we need to buy m-Power if we use your development services?

Nope, but you certainly can if you'd like to speed up your development team. However, we're happy to handle development if you don't want to do it in-house.

Are there any types of applications that m-Power doesn’t create?

We specialize in data-driven, web-based, business applications. If your project falls into that category, we can almost certainly handle it. If you aren't sure, just drop us a note and ask!

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Types of Development Projects We've Delivered

We've delivered all types of development projects over the past 40+ years. We specialize in database-driven web applications, such as:

We specialize in custom solutions

Don't see what you're looking for above? We understand every business is different and needs digital solutions that may not fit into a pre-defined box. We specialize in creating applications that are specific to our customer's exact business needs--whatever they may be. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can probably build it.

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Meet some of our consultants and software engineers

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Rick Hurckes

With over 15 years of technical experience, rick has assisted countless customers with his quick and courteous support.

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Matthew Espindola

Matthew is a software professional with over 5 years of experience designing solutions and providing support to our customers.

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Billy Alexander

With over 10 years experience in customer relations, billy has a knack for understanding customers needs and offering effective solutions.

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Tyler Wassell

With over 13 years of technical experience, Tyler brings a wealth of knowledge and customer centric attitude to every mrc project.

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