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Convert spreadsheets into database tables. Build web apps over that data without coding. Control which users access, edit, and distribute your data. Provide secure data access to any device. Create a single version of truth for your business data. It's all possible with the m-Power Platform.

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Case Study

Carrington Workwear replaces spreadsheets with database-driven web applications

Read this case study and learn why Carrington Workwear chose m-Power to provide data and new solutions for modern business operations.

  • Can now provide instant access to critical management information directly from their ERP system.
  • Replaced a paper and spreadsheet system with a database solution, saving time formerly spent manually rekeying data
  • International offices can now access real-time production plans and order data, saving emails and phone calls
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On-Demand Webinar

How to convert spreadsheets into web apps

Described as "the most dangerous software on the planet," spreadsheets pose major risks to businesses. However, many companies aren’t aware of these risks, or that they’re even misusing spreadsheets in the first place. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The dangers of spreadsheet overuse
  • The advantages of moving your spreadsheets to the web
  • How to convert a spreadsheet into a web app in minutes
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