April 2014 Oak Brook, IL

Today, software developer michaels, ross & cole, ltd. (mrc) announces their new application software vendor partnership program. This program is designed to help application software vendors close a higher percentage of demos they give to prospects and keep their customers on maintenance longer.

Modern application software vendors face a growing number of problems, such as:

  • They can't meet every prospect's needs

    Application software vendors face the difficult challenge of selling the same software to different companies—no two of which are the same. They can't possibly fit every prospect’s exact needs, and lose deals as a result.

  • They face growing competition

    As the cloud drives down the cost of creating and delivering software, more software companies emerge on a seemingly daily basis. Existing application software vendors now face more competition than ever before.

  • They can't keep up with changing technology

    The world of technology is currently experiencing some of the most dramatic changes since the rise of the internet. With the cloud gaining ground in the enterprise and mobile device usage exploding, application software vendors face the daunting task of keeping their software current with constantly changing technology.

To address these mounting challenges, mrc created their new application software vendor partnership program. The partnership program will help application software vendors:

  • Close a higher percentage of qualified prospects

    Before going into a demo with a prospect, an application software vendor may understand where their software fits the prospect’s requirements, and where it’s weak. Other times, they don’t discover their strengths and weaknesses until after the demo. In either situation, application software vendors who join the new partner program have an advantage. They can use m-Power—mrc’s web application development platform—to quickly address weaknesses in their software before (or after) the demo. This helps them create an offering completely tailored to the prospect’s needs, giving the vendor a far better chance of closing the deal.

  • Keep customers on maintenance longer

    As regulations change and business needs evolve, an application software vendor’s software slowly falls out of touch with their customer’s needs. Unless the software adapts to each customer’s changing needs, many customers will likely search for other solutions. Software vendors who join the new partner program can package m-Power with their existing product—giving their customers the necessary tools to extend and surround their software with modern features as needed, without altering the underlying software package at all. This lets the vendor’s software adapt to their customer’s changing requirements—helping them retain more customers on maintenance.

  • Adapt their software to current and future trends on the fly

    Application software is often slow-moving and difficult to change. m-Power adds a tactical aspect to application software—letting vendors augment their software with new features and capabilities as needed. Using m-Power, application software vendors can adapt their software to current and future technology trends on the fly.

"From changing technology to increasing competition, application software vendors face a growing number of challenges," says Sal Stangarone, mrc’s Senior Product Consultant. "This new partnership program will help these vendors better meet their prospect’s needs, and become more profitable as a result."


For additional information contact mrc via phone at 630.916.0662; via fax at 630.916.0663; via e-mail at mrc@mrc-productivity.com.

About mrc

mrc's development tool suite, m-Power, is used to create business applications and can run on any database or platform that supports Java (e.g. OS/400, Linux, Unix, and Windows). m-Power is used to create an endless variety of business web applications such as: Mobile apps, Web reports, dashboards, eCommerce apps, business intelligence, and more.

mrc was a recipient of the Apex Award for application development, is a long-time IBM Business Partner, and has been producing award-winning development software since 1981.

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