February 2013 Oak Brook, IL

Today, software tool developer mrc announces the release of 4 new m-Power utilities that will improve developer productivity and let m-Power users create even more powerful web applications. m-Power is software that rapidly creates web applications such as report-writing, Business Intelligence, executive dashboards, e-commerce, customer portals, and mobile applications to name a few.

The new utilities give users a variety of new features that will dramatically improve their development productivity and capabilities. These new utilities include:

Event-triggered messaging

With this enhancement, m-Power applications can automatically send email or sms messages based on a pre-determined schedule or event. Messages can be triggered by any event, from customer interactions to changes in data and everything in between. For example, this new feature can:

  • Automatically correspond with customers

    When customers complete forms on a company’s site, the application can automatically send a confirmation email to the customer.

  • Alert businesses to problems

    Applications can automatically send email/sms messages to the appropriate executive any time a time-sensitive business issue occurs, such as a customer account cancellation.

  • Create workflow applications

    m-Power users can use this new feature to create powerful workflow applications that automate their business processes. For instance, purchase order forms often require separate approvals from managers across multiple departments. With a workflow application, that purchase order form will move from manager to manager for approval automatically.

    Messaging Screen

    Screenshot of new messaging screen


With this enhancement, m-Power users can now update their style sheets using a point-and-click, graphical interface. Style sheets control the visual layout of all applications created with m-Power. Updating the style sheet lets users change the look and feel of all applications within a single data dictionary at one time. This enhancement lets users with no CSS knowledge update their style sheets, and even lets users preview how their changes affect current applications.

Theming Screen

Screenshot of new theming screen

Promote to production

This new enhancement gives users a simple, point-and-click method to promote their web applications from the development server to the production server. When building web applications, developers use a development server for testing and debugging their applications. When the application is ready for end users, the developer moves it to the production server. This new feature simplifies this process and lets m-Power users instantly promote all necessary files to the production server with just the click of a button.

Promote to Production Screen

Screenshot of new promote to production screen


This new enhancement lets m-Power users categorize and document application changes. Users can now update an application’s documentation log and categorize the type of change they’ve made any time they update or change an application. This lets companies better manage their applications and helps m-Power developers quickly understand how an application has changed since they updated it last.

Documentation Screen

Screenshot of new documentation screen

"These enhancements improve the application development process on several levels," says Tyler Wassell, mrc's Manager of Software Development. "They not only simplify application development, they also bring some powerful new features that m-Power users are sure to love."


For additional information contact mrc via phone at 630.916.0662; via fax at 630.916.0663; via e-mail at mrc@mrc-productivity.com.

About mrc

mrc's development tool suite, m-Power, is used to create business applications and can run on any database or platform that supports Java (e.g. OS/400, Linux, Unix, and Windows). m-Power is used to create an endless variety of business web applications such as: Mobile apps, Web reports, dashboards, eCommerce apps, business intelligence, and more.

mrc was a recipient of the Apex Award for application development, is a long-time IBM Business Partner, and has been producing award-winning development software since 1981.

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