March 2012 Oak Brook, IL

Today, software developer michaels, ross & cole, ltd. (mrc) announces the addition of two new m-Power templates: The Cross-Tab Report Template and the Data Upload Template. m-Power is a development platform that rapidly creates web applications such as report-writing, Business Intelligence, executive dashboards, e-commerce, customer portals, and mobile applications to name a few.

Templates provide the foundation for all web applications built with m-Power. Each template includes all necessary application elements, such as the application layout, foundation, and advanced features like ajax suggest, sorting, filtering, graphing, and more. The template approach reduces development to a three-step process: Once users select their data, define their specs, and click "build", m-Power generates an application.

The addition of the Cross-Tab Report Template and the Data Upload Template further improves m-Power capabilities, and lets m-Power users build two new types of applications. Here's a brief description of each template:

  • The Cross Tab Report Template creates reports that cross reference row data with user-selected column data in a simple matrix format. It's great for summarizing and comparing data, and frequently used for sales analysis apps, accounting apps, and more.

  • The Data Upload Template creates applications that let end users easily upload their spreadsheet data to a database. Once in the database, users can access, update, and maintain their data securely via the web. When used with reporting templates, it's a perfect way to let users maintain their own ad-hoc reporting data tables.

"These new templates bring some exciting new capabilities to m-Power," says Brian Crowley, mrc's Director of Development. "Now m-Power users can easily create the ever-popular cross-tab report, or give end users a way to upload spreadsheet data to the database without bothering the IT department."


For additional information contact mrc via phone at 630.916.0662; via fax at 630.916.0663; via e-mail at

About mrc

mrc's development tool suite, m-Power, is used to create business applications and can run on any database or platform that supports Java (e.g. OS/400, Linux, Unix, and Windows). m-Power is used to create an endless variety of business web applications such as: Mobile apps, Web reports, dashboards, eCommerce apps, business intelligence, and more.

mrc was a recipient of the Apex Award for application development, is a long-time IBM Business Partner, and has been producing award-winning development software since 1981.

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