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Weekly recap: Why your analytics are failing, platform wars, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn the surprising reason why business analytics fail, a coming trend that may make you think twice about building native mobile apps, and much more.

Why your analytics are failing you
We have more data and better analytics than ever before, yet businesses aren’t seeing the results they expected. What gives? Hint: It’s something most companies have trouble changing.

Creating the gold ‘standard’ in cloud computing
Organizations have quickly learned that the cloud presents a cost-effective, reliable and just a plain old smart way of delivering value. But be careful: Don’t make the same “data silo problem” that we had in the 90s.

Why are software estimations almost always wrong?
Study upon study cites that less than one-third of projects are delivered on time or on budget. Why? What keeps development projects from being delivered early, and under budget? Why can some companies do it, yet others–with many more resources–struggle to do so.

Platform wars are just starting
Android and iOS have climbed to the top of the mobile OS mountain, knocking Blackberry off of the throne. But, don’t get too comfortable. Over the next few years, the platform wars will really heat up. This uncertain mobile landscape is one reason I recommend businesses take the mobile web app approach.