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Weekly Recap: Why your application security program may backfire, how to deal with shrinking budgets, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn one often-overlooked reason why good application security fails, how bad data hinders decision-making, a simple way to deal with shrinking budgets, and more.

Information overload hampers CFO decision-making
A recent report shows 47% of CFOs are being hindered by complex, inaccurate and out-of-date information. Most report that data inaccuracy is the biggest barrier to doing their jobs properly. For these companies, choosing the right BI tool will make all the difference.

Why you should use cloud computing
A recent survey shows that those who adopt and leverage cloud computing for competitive advantage on average grow twice as fast and double their profit. However, before you jump to the cloud, make sure you answer this one question.

Operational analytics: A proactive approach to dealing with shrinking budgets
Struggling with a limited budget? Businesses are starting to recognize how data-driven efficiencies help them save money and improve efficiency despite their limited budgets.

Why your application security program may backfire
While you may implement the best application security practices, your efforts will be derailed if you forget one often-ignored fact.