Weekly Recap: Why BI projects fail, hidden costs of the cloud, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why BI projects fail, why mobile apps (in their current form) are short for this earth, a few key areas that businesses don’t understand about the cloud, and more.

Don’t get used to mobile apps–their days are numbered
Mobile apps in their current form aren’t sustainable. Learn why not, where they’re going, and how businesses should be adopting mobile.

Why BI projects fail — and how to succeed instead
Some businesses think of BI as a tool choice–not a strategic undertaking. Learn why this approach is wrong, and how to avoid BI failure.

Hidden costs and locations: Solving the cloud mystery for business
The cloud holds great value for many businesses, but it’s also surrounded with misconceptions. Learn 5 key things that most businesses don’t understand about the cloud.

3 enterprise security tenets to take personally
With web application development, security is becoming a huge topic. Learn a few ways you can keep your enterprise data safe and secure, and avoid nasty data breaches.

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