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One way to improve your current software (without buying an off-the-shelf solution)

Save MoneyHere’s a quick exercise to try: Make a list of all the ways you wish your company’s software or systems were better. It could be anything. Maybe you just don’t like the interface. Or, maybe you want modern features, like mobile apps or web-based reporting.

Now, what keeps you from actually addressing those issues?

In my experience, many companies face the same problem: They’re tied to their current software/system. They don’t want to bring in third party software, but they don’t have the time/resources to build the new features into their current software.

In short, they need a way to improve their current software quickly, without spending an arm and a leg.

If you’re in that situation, here’s a story you’ll want to read. It explains how a company added a much-needed web-based ordering system to their current enterprise system. The best part: They found a way to improve their current software quickly, without buying an off-the-shelf, generic solution. You can read the whole story here.