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m-Power’s June Update Released

EducationSummary: m-Power’s June 2018 Release Candidate is now available. It includes features like new Bootstrap templates, a form designer, historical auditing features, and much more. Check out this video for a full recap.

m-Power’s latest release candidate is now live, and contains a wide variety of new features. We recently held a webinar to go through and explain the enhancements found in the June 2018 m-Power release candidate.

Watch the webinar replay below to learn more about these new enhancements:

Bootstrap Templates: We’ve revamped m-Power’s templates using the industry standard Bootstrap 4.0 framework. These templates include new features, responsive design, and a modern look and feel.

m-Painter Enhancements: This release candidate brings some exciting new improvements to m-Painter. These include a form designer, a revamped application properties screen, and much more!

Historical Auditing: This release candidate brings historical auditing features to m-Power. It allows users to add audit data for users, date, and time for when a record was added, updated, or modified.