Carrington Workwear

Carrington Workwear replaces spreadsheets with database-driven web applications

Case Study Summary

Based in Lancashire, Carrington Workwear Ltd. manufactures 30% of the finished fabric in Europe. They produce workwear, technical, coated and laminated and defence fabrics - satisfying many technical and critical safety requirements.

"As the business grows and changes, we continually look for efficiency-improving ideas. This means that IT must become smarter and provide data and new solutions for modern business operations. This is why we licensed m-Power from mrc.

From unwieldy spreadsheets to web app automation

Using m-Power, we now provide instant access to critical management information directly from ASW--our ERP system. Our users enjoy more meaningful management information sooner.

Our former unwieldy, Excel-based budgeting process involved much rekeying. Our new m-Power solution works at all the levels we require, complete with automated projections and comparisons year on year. It saves us endless emails and iterations, plus we can now analyse our business by any criteria.

It has moved us forward more than any other product. Everyone can see the benefit.

We must record and track all of the product tests performed in our labs. We replaced our paper and spreadsheet system with a database solution that also prints formal specification documents for the finished products.

Our offices in France and Germany and our agent in Russia can now easily access real-time production plans and order data, saving emails and phone calls. We plan on creating an order entry portal for Russia using m-Power.

Web applications that move the business forward

m-Power lets us keep up with the business. It saves us time and money in everything we do, making it a great agile development tool."

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