Denbighshire County Council

m-Power gives Denbighshire County Council more than a typical BI tool

Case Study Summary

Denbighshire County Council in North Wales deliver their services from four major offices, with their main office in Ruthin.

"We needed access to information from our finance systems and looked for a web-based tool that offered more than the usual BI tools. We needed something for power users in the financial systems team and after looking at the market we selected m-Power from mrc. It's very cost effective and has a very short learning curve.

Delivering data to PCs and tablets

m-Power saved us many weeks of repetitive manual spreadsheet work and delivered new functionality beyond our previous capabilities. Finance now does real value-add for budget holders within the council. m-Power delivers great end results--our users don't even need training; we just give them the apps.

m-Power also lets us pull data together from multiple systems and deliver it cleanly to users on PCs and tablets. For example, we now provide our heads of service and directors with key information on their iPads.

We've dramatically modernised the delivery of financial information.

Improving processes with BI apps

m-Power improved processes in every department, and saves us months of time. We deliver more with no need to grow our staff. I’d recommend m-Power to anyone."

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