Drew Marine Signal and Safety

Drew Marine delivers custom web (and mobile web) applications over their SAP system

Case Study Summary

Drew Marine Signal & Safety supplies 75% of the global commercial marine pyrotechnic market with its Comet and Pains Wessex brands. In business for over 100 years, they now supply a range of marine distress signals to distributors in over 70 countries.

The Challenge

After implementing SAP, Drew Marine Signal & Safety faced a challenge: They couldn't easily get the information they needed out of the system.

"Our sales managers needed fast access to sales and margin data by customer with profiles of the their purchasing patterns," explains Claire Newland, Director of Global Business Development. "The UK head office needed to maintain budgets and track performance. Our group office in the US needed access to our system."

The Solution

Drew Marine turned to the m-Power Development Platform to solve these problems. Using m-Power, they built web and mobile web applications that deliver real-time data from their SAP system.

The m-Power applications helped Drew Marine in many ways:

  • "Sales managers now check the latest data about key accounts in a taxi from the airport to a client’s offices," says Newland. "They can also show data in real-time on tablets while sitting with the client discussing their account. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps us really understand our customers."
  • Their finance department replaced a manual group of spreadsheets for maintaining forecasts and budgets with a flexible web solution. They can even see forward ordering profiles--which help them identify and manage any problems before they even happen.
  • Their directors can now understand and answer any question about the business. Meetings are now about running the business, not simply reviewing the past.

"mrc has a really helpful, can-do attitude," says Newland. "They helped us to drive the project through to a successful completion.”

To learn more about Drew Marine Signal & Safety, you can visit their Web site at: http://www.signalandsafety.com/

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