m-Power Customer Newsletter

We love keeping our customers "in the know" about new product enhancement and features. Follow along here to see about m-Power enhancements.

May 2017 Newsletter

This newsletter will highlight the newest features that were added to m-Power within latest release candidate (May 2017) as well as highlight a recent m-Power feature you may have missed.

Please keep in mind that this update is a Release Candidate. While release candidates have been extensively tested by our internal staff, they have not yet been fully vetted by the m-Power user community.

On May 18th, 2017, a webinar was conducted to cover the topics listed in this newsletter. If you’d like to see a replay of this webinar, please review the video below:

Notable Enhancement Listing

Enhanced Dashboarding

This enhancement brings both a redesign and new features to the m-Power Dashboard development and run-time environments. m-Power now offers a streamlined and improved interface for creating dashboards, specifying filter criteria, and pre-defining dashboard layouts. Developers can now offer a greater level of control and customization during dashboard creation. m-Power Dashboard users can now enjoy several new styles and themes for dashboards and charts, improved filter criteria options, and interactive chart drill downs.

Application Quick Nav

Due to the popularity of our Admin Quick Nav, we have implemented a new m-Power navigation feature: App Quick Navigation. This enhancement offers several key features, including: the ability to toggle between applications with a single click, seeing a list of recently modified apps, and searching through applications from any screen within m-Power. In all, developers will love using this feature to easily navigate throughout the m-Power interface.

Menuing/Security Upgrades

Two new requested customer features were added to improve both Menuing and Security. In the event you need to assign general applications to all users, m-Power developers can now take advantage of a pre-built roles: The All Users Role. In addition, on the security side, you now have the option to decide if Application Security is now Opt-In or Opt-Out by default. This is especially useful in the event you have a Data Dictionary that only needs to restrict a few applications, rather than all applications within the Data Dictionary.

More information about each feature can be found, here and here, respectively.

Other Enhancements
Other enhancements made to m-Power this update include: The ability to manage run-time user saved objects, the ability to activate a “Test Mode” for Messaging and Tasks, and the ability to control the default sorting for list maintenance applications.

Great Feature You May Have Missed

Today, the Great Feature You May Have Missed will highlight a security enhancement that was made in 2015 — the ability to mask/scramble URL parameters.
This documentation focuses on how to implement this feature. In an effort to better protect data, we enhanced m-Power to allow developers to easily scramble/mask any parameters that are either displayed on the screen or sent via the URL.