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Let us Customize Your ERP (without altering the underlying system)

We believe that software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. But, directly customizing an ERP system can lock you into that ERP version and prohibit upgrades. That's why we create custom web applications that sit on top of your ERP system, without touching the underlying system. This way, you get the custom features you need without sacrificing flexibility. The best part: Because our consultants use the m-Power Development Platform, our solutions:

Integrate easily

We'll deliver applications that integrate directly with your system.

Don't change the system

We deliver new features, without altering the underlying system itself.

Are Built Quickly

We'll deliver custom applications over your ERP in days/weeks, up to 80% faster than traditional coders.

Are Scalable

With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your entire business.

Are Secure

We can include all types of security features like multi-tenant security, role-level security, application security, and more.

Run Anywhere

Our solutions give you complete platform flexibility. Deploy your BI apps on-premise or run them in the cloud.

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We have utilized m-Power to extend capabilities of our existing Retalix ERP database--avoiding modification costs and giving us more bang for the buck.

Paul Millard, IT Manager at Renzi Foodservice

m-Power helps us keep up with the latest technology without changing our ERP system.

Colin Price, IT Manager at The Helping Hand Company

All our critical reporting is now delivered in real-time to our users' browsers with m-Power. Users can verify the data immediately - drilling behind any figures down to the lowest level of detail anywhere in the ERP system. You can justify every figure and know that everyone is looking at the same set of numbers.

Andrew Rockey, Head of IT at Philip Dennis Foodservice

21 ways m-Power will improve your enterprise systems

Locked into an old enterprise system? This guide is for you. It outlines m-Power’s unique approach to enterprise system integration, and explains what types of modern features it lets you add to your existing system.

21 ways m-Power will improve your enterprise systems
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Case Study: Raleigh Bicycles

With competitors rolling out web-based ordering systems, Raleigh Bicycles needed to give their dealers a way to place orders via the web. Read this case study to learn how they used m-Power to build a custom extranet that integrated with their new ERP system.


Created a custom extranet faster than it would've taken to deploy a generic, off-the-shelf solution

Automated their manual ordering process, which increased internal staff efficiency

Provided their customers with a way to make purchases 24/7, which improved sales and revenue

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Video: Enhance your ERP system with web reports, mobile apps, and more

m-Power lets you build new applications over your ERP system, like mobile apps, web reports, BI, and more. m-Power apps integrate directly with your ERP system without altering the underlying code. Watch this short video to learn more.

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Enhance your ERP system with web reports, mobile apps, and more

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