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Thanksgiving Football: Fun facts and mobile apps!

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to celebrate in true m-Power fashion: We made a mobile app! But not just any mobile app. This mobile app is all about the long-standing tradition of Thanksgiving football! It answers the big questions like:

  • What is my team’s record on Thanksgiving Day?
  • When was the first Thanksgiving day NFL game played?
  • Who won last year (or any year, for that matter)?

Sounds exciting, right? The application works on all devices (PC/Tablet/Smartphone), and you can find the it right here.

One thing to note: The application adapts to the device on which it is viewed. So, if you access it on a PC, it will look like a PC app. But, if you access it on a smartphone or tablet, it will look like a smartphone or tablet app. Go ahead and try it to see for yourself. If all of that sounds confusing, this page explains m-Power’s approach to mobile in greater detail.

But wait…there’s more!

While we were building the mobile app, we ran across some great facts about the Thanksgiving Day football games. So, we’ve pulled some of the more interesting “fun facts” and listed them below. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Football Fun Facts

  • The tradition of playing a football game on Thanksgiving dates all the way back to 1890.
  • The first televised Thanksgiving Day game was in 1953.
  • The first Thanksgiving game to be broadcast in color was the 1965 matchup between the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Colts.
  • Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson holds the NFL record for most rushing yards (273) in a Thanksgiving game.
  • Reggie White won John Madden’s first ever “Turkey Leg” award, which was given to the MVP of the Thanksgiving game starting in 1989.
  • The Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans are the only current teams who have never played on Thanksgiving Day. The Houston Texans are set to make their first Thanksgiving appearance this year.
  • The Detroit Lions have the most Thanksgiving day wins (33), as well as the most Thanksgiving day losses (37).

Finally, from all of us here at mrc, we wish you safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving!