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Weekly recap: 4 possible futures for IT, HTML5 is growing, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on four possible futures for IT, HTML5, and more. I hope you find them useful:

HTML5 use is real: Majority of developers find it important for their job in next 12 months
If your company is considering mobile apps, you’ll face one big question: Should we build mobile web apps or native apps? While native has been popular among consumer recently, a recent survey indicates that developers think that HTML5 importance (particularly with mobile web apps) is growing.

4 possible futures for the IT department
The IT department is undergoing significant change, driven in large part by the rise of mobile and cloud-based applications. What will the IT department look like in a few years? This article outlines four possible scenarios.

David Cameron tests iPad ‘government dashboard’ app
Here’s a great story about the use of dashboards and mobile web apps within the government. The UK government is building a mobile web app dashboard that lets government officials instantly access important data like jobs, housing, and more.

How to prevent license overkill from stifling the BYOD revolution
Software licensing is already a complex topic. What happens when you add mobile devices to the mix? If you’re stuck paying user, run-time, or distribution license fees for your applications, what happens when users start using those applications on a mobile device? It’s a good question…and another reason to avoid those complicated licensing structures in the first place.