Weekly recap: 6 ways IT still fails the business, HTML5, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on HTML5, monetizing data, and more. I hope you find them useful:

Monetizing data to drive a competitive advantage
As companies gather more and more data, they must answer one big question: What are we doing with this data? If your company isn’t using your customer data as a competitive advantage, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

6 ways IT still fails the business
As technology plays an increasingly important role in the business, companies will look to their IT departments to drive innovation. This article touches on a few ways that IT must improve in order to reach this level. It also ties in nicely with this recent article that outlines some strategic IT priorities going into 2013.

Quick commercial: If you see your company in items # 1 “IT Is Still Underestimating Mobile’s Impact”, 3 “IT is Too Slow”, or 4 “IT Isn’t Building Data-Powered Decision Tools”, it’s time to let m-Power help you.

Is HTML5 really going to make a difference in updating your site?
The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) recently finalized the HTML5 specifications. The big question: What does this mean for web developers and designers? This article touches on a few ways HTML5 will change the web.

BYOD struggle continues for IT admins in 2013
IT departments have struggled to get a handle on BYOD since the iPhone first entered the marketplace over 5 years ago. This article examines how this struggle will change in 2013.

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