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Pre-registration is now open for a new consulting program

AnnouncementI’m happy to say that we’ve just opened up pre-registration for a brand new consultant program! This new program gives consultants access to a low-cost, cloud-based version of our enterprise web application development platform, m-Power.

If you’re a consultant, you’re familiar with the struggle of finding new projects. Completing the project is the fun part. It’s the lull between projects that makes consulting difficult.

Small, and one-man consulting operations have an especially difficult job. After all, they can’t afford to hire a marketing and sales to team to bring in business for them. They handle all aspects of their business themselves. The majority of their time is spent either working on projects or looking for new projects.

The problem with this arrangement: In between working on projects and finding new projects, there’s little time to keep your skills current. How can you keep up with the ever-changing technology trends if you spend all of your time working on, or looking for, projects? Why is this such a problem? Because consultants who fall behind the rapidly changing technology curve risk losing out on valuable new business in the future.

Now, larger consultant shops often address these problems with development platforms (like m-Power). This offers a number of benefits, such as:

The ability to accept a wider range of projects

m-Power helps consultants accept a far wider range of projects. Even without any prior web or mobile development experience, it lets them build all types of modern web (and mobile web) applications, like Business Intelligence apps, scheduling applications, multi-lingual applications, eCommerce apps, and everything in between.

The freedom to work with any database or platform

m-Power gives consultants complete flexibility to work with any database, operating system, or web service. It lets them build applications over any platform and integrate modern APIs and web services into their applications.

The flexibility to gain a competitive advantage

m-Power helps consultants complete projects faster, which gives them a competitive advantage when competing for new projects. It gives them the flexibility to submit lower project bids, while charging higher hourly rates.

While all of that sounds great, there is one small problem: Enterprise-class development software is often prohibitively expensive for small, or one-man, consultant operations.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, I’m happy to introduce another option! We’re starting a new consulting partnership program aimed at fixing this problem. We’ll provide these consultants with access to an enterprise-grade, cloud-based version of m-Power at a much lower price of entry.

It’s still in the works right now, but we’ve opened up pre-registration for interested consultants. Just sign up on on this page, and we’ll contact you with more information, and give you first crack at the new cloud-based m-Power when it becomes available.