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Weekly Recap: Challenges in moving to the cloud, mobile tech predictions for 2014, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on the changing IT department, challenges with moving to the cloud, and more. I hope you find them useful:

Avon’s failed SAP implementation a perfect example of enterprise IT revolution
Enterprise IT is undergoing a transformation. End user’s expectations have risen. They’ve learned that software can be both intuitive and powerful, and expect the same from their business software. If enterprise IT can’t deliver these type of solutions quickly, they’ll lose the business to software companies who can.

3 Challenges in moving to the cloud (a CIO’s story)
Here’s a nice example of a CIO with a great approach to “Shadow IT” and the growing demands on the IT department. She created an agile, self-service platform that let end users create the applications they required without feeling the need to bypass IT. In short, she removed the IT bottleneck, thus eliminating the end user’s need to bypass IT in the first place. If you want to learn how to do this for your company, check out this story.

10 mobile tech predictions for 2014
While there’s no way to know exactly what the future holds for mobile, one thing is certain: It’s not going anywhere. Mobile use is growing by leaps and bounds, and shows no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t addressed the trend yet, make 2014 the year your business capitalizes on mobile devices.

The hottest security stories of 2013
I share this story because security was a huge topic in 2013, and will be even more so in the coming year. Before you build that next web app, ask yourself a couple of questions: Am I following best practices for web app security? Am I making any of these beginner mistakes?