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Weekly Recap: 7 not-so-frequently asked questions about the cloud, IT innovation tips, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why cyber attackers are targeting small and mid-sized business, a few questions you aren’t asking about the cloud (but probably should be), and more.

What exactly is “Big Data”
Data is the fuel that powers today’s successful businesses. The global volume of data is skyrocketing, with new sources being added all the time. But, do you really have “Big Data?” Or, do you simply need to get a handle on your “little data?”

IT innovation at full speed
Companies are desperate to get from idea to new tech-powered product sooner — and too often they look at IT as old school, bureaucratic, and in the way. How can IT departments innovate in this fast-paced world?

Cloud caution: 7 not-so-frequently-asked questions
With cloud computing widely-touted as the solution, we’ve heard many senior IT people say they’re “all-in.” But don’t forget to ask yourself these important questions.

Cyber attackers target small, mid-sized businesses
Many small businesses falsely assume that they are immune to cyber attack. But according to a recent report, that’s changing. What can you do to better protect your company and applications from a cyber attack?