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Weekly Recap: Top 10 cloud myths, how to secure your mobile apps, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn why most CIOs are unhappy with their current development efforts, why more businesses are moving to the cloud, how to create secure mobile apps, and more.

SaaS Deployments are now mission critical
A recent study finds that more businesses are warming up to the cloud. Learn which reasons most contribute to cloud adoption, and why it’s becoming an essential business tool.

5 steps to protect mobile apps from attacks
Attacks on mobile apps will increase as smartphones and tablets become more popular. Learn how to better protect your mobile apps from attacks, and how mobile users can better protect themselves from attackers.

Enterprise apps must be developed both faster and more carefully
Application development is becoming increasingly important, yet most CIOs are dissatisfied with their development efforts. Learn how development is changing, and why development speed must improve.

Gartners 10 cloud myths
As the cloud gains traction in the business world, many companies still don’t quite understand it. In this article, Gartner highlights 10 cloud myths to watch for.