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Free webinar replay: How Renzi Foodservice extended their ERP

EducationSummary: Facing an expensive ERP upgrade, Renzi Foodservice chose to explore their alternatives. In a recent joint webinar, Renzi explained how they managed to extend their legacy ERP with new features, create mobile apps, improve reporting, and more. Watch the webinar replay to learn more.

We recently held a joint webinar with Renzi Foodservice, and have a replay available for those interested. Who should watch it? It’s a good fit for any business trying to:

  • Extend their current ERP system with new features: If you’re running on a legacy ERP system but want to add custom features (like mobile capabilities, portals, budgeting, etc…), you should watch this webinar..
  • Deliver better reporting: If you want to move away from a manual reporting process, or just improve your current reporting, you should watch this webinar.
  • Connect data from multiple systems: If you need to connect multiple systems into a single location for reporting, budgeting, etc…, you should watch this webinar.

What does the webinar cover?

Facing each of the issues listed above, Renzi Foodservice turned to the m-Power development platform. In this joint webinar, Renzi explained how (in just 6 months) they used m-Power to:

Deliver real-time data access to employees
Renzi created a company-wide, secure portal that ties into their ERP system. This gives employees a centralized location to access inventory, reports, budgets, and more.

Improve their budgeting process and provide a complete view of financial data
With m-Power, they created web-based budgeting applications that pull data from multiple sources. This lets Renzi easily create accurate budgets and measure true profitability of products, routes, and customers.

Provide mobile access to their data and avoid a $75,000 module fee
Using m-Power, Renzi created a mobile version of their web portal. It lets salespeople access real-time inventory straight from their ERP and gives executives instant access to analytics. The best part: It lets them avoid the $75,000 cost for their ERP’s mobile module.

Streamline reporting and give executives a clearer view of the business
With m-Power, they delivered web-based BI and reporting applications. These apps give executives real-time access to their ERP data, at any time.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the webinar replay. To access the webinar replay, please complete the form found on this page.