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Weekly Recap: 5 big trends for CIOs in 2015, the rise of embedded BI, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn how BI is changing (and how you should respond), a few major trends CIOs cannot ignore in the coming year, how IT’s role is changing, and more.

The rise of embedded BI
As BI use matures within the organization, the way in which it is being applied is also changing. In the past, BI software existed outside of the enterprise system. It was a separate entity. These days, that’s changing. Learn why more companies are choosing embedded BI, and how it drives adoption.

3 ways enterprise software is changing
IT operations are moving from merely supporting the business to driving the business itself. This requires agility and making the most of resources. Learn how enterprise software is changing, and ways IT must adapt.

5 big trends for CIOs in 2015, five IT resolutions
This article lists some great trends for next year, such as: The monolithic app is dead, business currency is now speed, and more. Learn more about the big CIO trends in 2015 and how you need to respond.

From police to partner: The changing role of IT
As an IT department, how do you get employees on board when you can’t lock them down anymore? You must adopt a new role that strikes a balance between employee needs/preferences and security. You have to become a “partner.”