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Weekly Recap: Future mobile trends, a Hadoop primer, and more…

EducationSummary: In this week’s article roundup, we learn about the most common security flaw in businesses, a few ways mobile will change the world in the next few years, and more.

Don’t overlook your biggest security flaw — your talent
What’s your best line of defense against cybersecurity threats? Skilled, experienced, highly trained IT talent. But, what happens when you can’t afford to bring in the talent you need? What happens if you can’t find the right talent? How do you bridge the skills gap?

5 trends that will change the mobile world in the next 5 years
Mobile is changing quickly, and will play an increasingly important role on the the business world. We’ll see mobile do everything from improve business efficiency to completely revolutionize industries. For more mobile trends, check out this recent article on mobile trends of 2015.

A Hadoop Primer: What it is and how it’s used
With data volumes expanding, many look to Hadoop as an inexpensive way to store and process that data. But despite its growing popularity, Hadoop is still surrounded with confusion. What is Hadoop? What does it do?

Which do we need more: Big data or fast data?
It’s a great question. While big data gets all the press, businesses should first focus their efforts on getting more value from the data they currently have. Businesses will gain more advantage from data by first focusing on turning their existing data into meaningful management information.