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The better alternative to expensive ERP upgrades

EducationSummary: Are you tied to an aging enterprise system (like an ERP)? Would you like to extend your existing enterprise system with custom reporting, budgeting, mobile apps, and more? Learn how to bring modern features to your existing system, without the time and expense of replacing that system.

If you’re running on an older enterprise system (like an ERP), what are your options?

Sure, you could upgrade the system, but that’s a huge, expensive project. The cost to acquire, implement, and customize a new ERP package ranges from a quarter of a million dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. The timeline typically exceeds 12 months.

Another problem: You must redo all of your customizations. Chances are, you’ve customized your ERP package over time. Unless you customize the package to fit your company, they will rarely fit your exact requirements.

However, customizing the ERP system locks you down. You can’t move away to a new system, or upgrade to the latest release, without redoing all of those expensive customizations.

How can you gain the benefits of a new ERP system, without going through the time and expense of upgrading?

Here’s a better option: Extend your existing enterprise system with modern apps, like custom reporting, budgeting, mobile apps, and more. Get the modern features you need, without the expense of replacing your system.


Here’s one option: As explained in the video below, the m-Power Development Platform lets you build custom web apps over your existing system. It delivers modern features without altering your current ERP at all. The video explains the process in more detail, while this paper outlines a few of the possibilities.