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Need a web solution right away? Here are two options.

As businesses struggle to adapt to current economic and remote work challenges, we’ve noticed that many are facing similar issues. Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen an increasing number of businesses dealing with these problems:

  • They don’t have the digital solutions needed to operate efficiently.
    Many businesses still rely on paper-based, manual processes. They haven’t provided their employees with secure web portals that they can access from anywhere. They don’t have the digital solutions their employees need to operate remotely.
  • They cannot create the solutions they need immediately.
    Right now, many businesses are stuck between a rock and hard place. They need to create web solutions quickly, but don’t have the resources to meet these demands. Yet, they simply can’t afford to wait weeks or months for new solutions.
  • They need to pivot to a new business strategy quickly.
    Economic changes are forcing more and more businesses to shift their strategies. Maybe they’ve never sold online before, but now need an eCommerce site. Or, maybe they’ve focused on B2B but now need to make the switch to B2C. If you’re in this boat, how quickly can you get up and running?
  • They need to integrate any new solution with their existing systems.
    Businesses need new solutions, but are held back by their existing systems. They have trouble integrating new technology with their old technology, but don’t have time to throw out their existing systems and start over. They need to integrate with what they’re currently using.

If you’re facing any of these issues, we’d like to help! Here are a couple of ways we can help you address these problems quickly:

1. Let us build it for you (80% faster than traditional coders)

Since 1981, we’ve completed thousands of development projects for businesses around the world. The difference between our consultants and everyone else: Speed. Our consultants have a secret weapon that helps them deliver projects up to 80% faster than traditional coders.

The secret: They use the m-Power Development Platform, which gives them a huge speed advantage over traditional coders (without sacrificing quality). As a result, all of our projects:

  • Are delivered quickly: We complete most projects in days or weeks.
  • Integrate easily: m-Power generates industry-standard code that integrates easily with your existing systems and software.
  • Are free standing: Applications created with m-Power are free-standing, and do not require m-Power for maintenance or enhancements.
  • Are built to last: Built on open libraries and frameworks, m-Power uses the same technologies that modern developers are already using. We create applications on architecture that’s built to last.
  • Run anywhere: With m-Power open architecture, you can deploy applications in-house or to the cloud.
  • Are secure: m-Power applications come with enterprise security baked in.

Want to learn more about our software consulting services? Visit this page to learn more, or fill out this short form to get a quote.

2. Try a low-code platform

Want to use the m-Power Development Platform to create your own web applications without coding? m-Power helps you address the challenges listed above in a few ways:

  • Reduces development time: Need solutions quickly? m-Power’s model-driven interface reduces development time by up to 80%. You can deliver most applications in hours or days.
  • Use your existing resources: Do you lack the skills to create web solutions? m-Power lets anyone on your team create web applications without coding. Rather than hire new employees and teach them the business, you can bring development skills to your current team.
  • Deliver many solutions from a single platform: m-Power delivers low-code development, business intelligence, reporting, business process automation, mobile, and more…all from a single platform. m-Power is the answer for any development need.

Want to learn more about m-Power? Visit this page to learn more, or fill out this short form to set up a demo.