m-Power Basic Training classes introduce the developer/power-user to a broad range of topics specific to m-Power, but cannot address every need each client might have. For a more complete understanding of Web applications and m-Power, please consider Advanced Training. Advanced Training classes are fully customizable to meet your needs. You may choose from any of the topics listed below and we can also address your specific questions..

To become an expert with Web-based applications in general, consider an advanced training course that covers these topics:
  • Web forms
  • Invoking server programs via the URL
  • In-depth SQL
  • In-depth HTML
  • In-depth CSS
  • The role of JavaScript, jQuery and useful examples
To become an expert with m-Power, consider an advanced training course that covers these topics:
  • Creating top-notch dashboards
  • Creating professional custom portals (Customer, Sales, Accounting, etc.)
  • Creating a full helpdesk/comment box solution
  • In-depth coverage of Freemarker, a power user's ultimate utility
  • Optimizing built-in features, such as Saved Searches and Dialog Windows
  • Limiting Duplicate Record Selection on Reports with "OR" Logic
  • Creating advanced graphs
  • Utilizing m-Power's Scheduler
  • Writing, registering, and using External Objects and User Defined Functions
  • Create Auditing logs to track m-Power user activity
  • Automatic redirecting for logging purposes
  • Pagename creation to allow one program can be used for multiple purposes
  • Setting up Production/Development instances that work over separate libraries
  • Customizing Error Messages and other global values
  • Overview of the purpose and use of MRCDCT backend files
  • Creating customized templates
  • Properly documenting projects
  • Customizing m-Power dictionaries to match look and feel of corporate website
  • Configuring m-Power to email and/or send text messages when some event occurs or on a schedule