BS in Education from the University of Nebraska


HTML, Web development, SQL, Freemarker


With a background in education and over years experience in customer relations, Billy has been able to assist countless customers with his patient and knowledgabe support. Whether assisting over the helpdesk, introducting new concepts during a training class, or discussing and implmenting customer consulting projects, Billy has a natural knack for understanding customer needs and offering effective solutions.

  • Strong knowledge of the m-Power product.
  • Detail-Oriented & Task-Driven.
  • Keen ability to communicate with clients.
  • Experience with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Experience with several databases such as IBM DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.


2014-current: michaels, ross & cole, ltd. (Consultant, Technical Support)
  • Provides support, testing, documentation, and training for m-Power
  • Works with countless customers to assist them with:
    • Replacing legacy systems with new Web-Based solutions.
    • Moving Web-Based solutions in house.
    • Customizing the look and feel of existing Web-Based solutions.
2010-2014: MacPractice Inc. (Trainer, Technical Support)
  • Provided training for clientelle over product software.
  • Educated clients on industry standards.
  • Evaluated and developed plans for improving workflow efficiency.

Skills Assessment

Billy not only has the education and experience to be the ideal consultant for your project or training class, but he also possess the following skill set:
  • Development with m-Power, years, expert
  • Application design, years, expert
  • HTML/CSS, years, expert
  • Freemarker, years, expert
  • SQL, years, moderate
  • Javascript/jQuery, years, moderate