Remote Learning Options

We've broken topics into 3 different levels based on complexity. Feel free to select any topic that interests you across any level. It is our goal to cover 3-4 topics per day.

Beginner Course Topics

  • Reporting: How to work with m-Power's reporting features.
  • Task automation: How to use m-Power's messaging and scheduled task area.
  • m-Painter helpers: Understanding keypairs, drowpdowns, quicklists, and more.
  • Menuing: How to create end-user menuing with m-Power.
  • Promote to production: How to transition an app from Dev to Staging to Live.
  • Debugging: How to troubleshoot m-Power apps.
  • Linking apps: Connecting the dots -- putting your applications together.
  • App properties: Understanding your app's configurable properties.

Intermediate Course Topics

  • Period analysis: How to create year-over-year, YTD, and other date-based reports
  • Application auditing: Learn who is accessing your apps (and when).
  • Dashboards: How to create stunning dashboards with m-Power.
  • Bootstrap primer: Learn the bootstrap basics, and how to maximize bootstrap templates.
  • Workflow designer: How to add complex decision points to your apps with zero coding.
  • Saving to PDFs: Learn how to save your database info directly into PDFs.
  • Security: Learn security techniques like mask, scramble, SHA-256, and more.

Advanced Course Topics

  • External objects: Learn how to extend m-Power with custom logic.
  • AJAX: Learn how to communicate between apps with AJAX calls.
  • Webservices: Learn how to integrate 3rd party apps using webservices.
  • Session variables: Learn how to set up and use session variables.
  • Cluster Tomcat: Learn how to create Tomcat failover instances.
  • Custom parameters: Learn how to access values based along the URL.
  • User privileges: Learn how to set app privileges based on the user.
  • Advanced menuing: Dive into m-Power's advanced menuing options.
  • Freemarker: Learn Freemarker coding tips and take apps to a whole new level.
  • Subqueries and imports: Master several techniquies to help you fuse data together.

Custom Course

Create your own course from any of the options above.