Available In-Person Training Classes

Training Essentials

Designed for new m-Power users, this class provides the knowledge and hands-on training needed to be successful with m-Power. Over the course of this five-day class, attendees will understand how m-Power works, learn the m-Power fundamentals, and create their own web apps.

Developer Training

Designed for advanced m-Power users, this class provides the base knowledge of the Essentials Training, plus many additional advanced topics. These topics help m-Power developers truly harness m-Power's full capabilities.

Mentoring & Training

Geared for the ultimate m-Power developer, this 5-day class covers all information found in the Developer Training, and helps you plan future m-Power projects. Your trainer will concentrate examples and applications over your live data set, maximizing the impact of your training and mentoring session.

Advanced Training

Designed for advanced users who are ready for the next level, this class is completely customizable. Attendees choose only the topics they want covered. For a list of potential topics available in advanced training, follow the link below.

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