MA from Ball State University

BSBA in Information Technology from the University of Denver


HTML, Web development, SQL, Freemarker, Java, Javascript, jQuery


With over 15 years of technical experience, Rick has been able to assist countless customers with his quick and courteous support. While he is not assisting customers with service calls, Rick dedicates his time to customers with one on one conversations to plan and implement their consulting projects.

  • Over 11 years of IT experience.
  • Strong knowledge of multiple operating systems & hardware options.
  • Keen ability to communicate with clients.
  • Detail-Oriented & Task-Driven.
  • Strong knowledge of the m-Power product.


2006-current: michaels, ross & cole, ltd. (Consultant, Technical Support)

  • Provides support, testing, documentation, and training for the mrc products, m-Power & mrc-Productivity Series.
  • Serves as project lead on numerous consulting projects.
  • Experience with numerous OS including Windows, Linux, and OS/400.
  • Experience with several DB such as MS SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • Works with countless customers to assist them with:
    • Replacing legacy systems with new Web-Based solutions.
    • Moving Web-Based solutions in house.
    • Assisting in the customization of the look and feel of existing Web-Based solutions.

2000-2004: University of Denver (Technical Support)

  • Provided technical support for both hardware and software issues.
  • Delivered consistent solutions to end users while explaining details in a user-friendly manner.


2004-2006: MA from Ball State University.
Highlights included:

  • Gained strong understanding of Business structure and logic
  • Obtained administration and finance knowledge for large organizations
  • Wrote thesis that examined technology's impact on the future

2000-2004: BSBA in Information Technology from the University of Denver
Coursework included:

  • Software Engineering
  • Database Management and Design
  • Project Management
  • Networks and Telecommunication
  • Database-Driven Websites

Skills Assessment

Rick not only has the education and experience to be the ideal consultant for your project, but he also possess the following skill set:

  • HTML Programming, 10 years, expert
  • Web-based application development with m-Power, 6 years, expert
  • SQL, 10 years, expert
  • Application design, 5 years, expert
  • Freemarker, 4 years, expert
  • Java Programming, 4 years, moderate
  • JavaScript Programming, 4 years, moderate
  • jQuery, 4 years, moderate