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Custom BI Development and Consulting Services

We believe that software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Our consultants will work with you to fully understand your organization and your unique business intelligence needs. Then, we create custom BI applications that perfectly fit your business and work the way you work. The best part: Because our consultants use the m-Power Development Platform, our custom BI solutions are:

Built Quickly

We'll deliver custom reports, dashboards, and BI apps in days/weeks, up to 80% faster than traditional coders.

Built on Open Architecture

BI applications we create are built on open architecture using industry-standard code.


With no per-user or distribution fees, our applications scale easily across your business.

Easily Enhanced

Applications created by our consultants are free standing, and do not require m-Power for maintenance or enhancements.


We can include all types of security features like multi-tenant security, role-level security, application security, and more.


Our solutions give you complete platform flexibility. Deploy your BI apps on-premise or run them in the cloud.

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We chose m-Power for its flexible Business Intelligence capabilities, but also realized that it offers a far more extensible platform as compared with other more specialized BI tools. With m-Power, we've consolidated our data into a secure web portal where each department can easily access the data and reports they require in seconds. We have utilized m-Power to extend capabilities of our existing Retalix ERP database—avoiding modification costs and giving us more bang for the buck.

Paul Millard, IT Manager at Renzi Foodservice

I wanted a BI tool that we could use in-house to build applications much more quickly for our users. After looking at different products, we decided on m-Power.

Hayes Howard, CEO of ComPair Data

We are really able to fine tune m-Power to match our business processes. You just can’t get that from out-of-the-box software.

Sharon Hadley, Systems Analyst at Pearl Buck Center

Since 1981, we've helped thousands of companies with their BI and reporting needs. Let our consultants...

Deliver web applications in hours/days

Deliver new BI solutions on time and budget

Because our consultants use the m-Power Development Platform, they create BI applications up to 80% faster than traditional coders. As a result, we have a long history of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Create BI solutions that work the way you work

Deploying off-the-shelf BI software is never quite a perfect fit. It might fit 80% of your needs, but you’re forced into customization and workarounds to make it work. You’re stuck adapting your business to fit the tool.

Our consultants create customized data analytics that fit your organization 100%. No more workarounds. Let us create a solution that adapts to your business, not the other way around.

BI solutions that fit your business
Pull data from multiple sources into one report with m-Power

Give you a full view of your business

Is it hard to get a clear view of your business because your data is spread across multiple systems? Do you have to pull data out of different systems and combine it manually?

Let us automate this process. We'll deliver real-time BI apps, dashboards, and reports that pull data from multiple data sources automatically. You'll have a clear view of your business at a glance...from any device!

Video: Watch one our consultants create custom BI/Reporting suite in under 2 hours

Create a custom BI suite with m-Power

In this video, we walk you through a custom business intelligence/reporting project. We start with a single spreadsheet full of data and create a suite of BI & reporting applications that includes features like multi-tenant security, forecasting, dashboarding, data write-back, data warehousing, and many more. This video walks you through the project from start to finish, and explains each step along the way.

Beyond Business Intelligence

Because m-Power combines low-code development with business intelligence, we offer capabilities that you won't find in other BI tools. Here are a few areas that make m-Power unique.

Data warehousing included

Any successful BI deployment starts with clean, well-organized data. The data must be in a format that the BI tool can use. If you want your BI efforts to succeed, you need a way to consistently collect and transform your data into a usable format.

This means you need a data warehouse, which can drive up the cost of your BI implementation. Fortunately, m-Power is one of the few tools that also includes data warehousing. It can pull data from multiple data sources into a data warehouse, and then let you create BI apps and reports over that data.

Business intelligence with data warehousing

Business Intelligence with write-back

Most BI tools offer read-only data access. They can pull data from your database and perform analysis, but can’t write back to the database. Because m-Power combines low-code development with Business Intelligence, it offers both read and write capabilities.

Business Intelligence with write-back opens up a world of possibilities. It lets you automate business processes based on changes in data. It lets you integrate data analysis with automated workflows. It lets your employees flag records that need further review. The possibilities are endless.

business intelligence with write-back

Create anything

m-Power creates any type of BI and reporting application you can imagine. Create simple reports, data visualizations, custom dashboards, and everything in between. You can create standalone applications or embed them in your current software. With m-Power, you’re in complete control of your business intelligence and analytics.

Create anything with m-Power
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BI Case Study: Renzi Foodservice

Renzi Foodservice relied on multiple systems--not all of which communicated with each other. The result: They had trouble tracking "True Profit", and tasks like reporting and budgeting were time-consuming. In this case study you'll learn how they used m-Power to augment their ERP system, connect multiple systems together, and deliver a clear view of their business.


Extended the life of their ERP system, delaying a $250,000 upgrade

Provided mobile ERP data access, while avoiding the $75,000 module fee

Transformed a month-long budgeting process into an automated budgeting process

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Business Intelligence Demos

Check out these live BI demos that were created with m-Power.

Business Dashboard Demo
Business Dashboard

The business dashboard gives decision-makers a real-time view of your organization's KPIs.

View Demo
Year over Year Analysis Demo
Year over Year Analysis

The year over year analysis application lets you compare current data with data from a prior period.

View Demo
User-Defined Dashboard Demo
User-Defined Dashboard

The user-defined dashboard is a business dashboard that individual users control and customize.

View Demo
Web pivot table Demo
Web Pivot Table

Pivot tables are powerful interactive reports that let users view data from multiple perspectives.

View Demo
Interactive Report Demo
Interactive Report

An interactive report displays as much or as little data as the user desires, and lets users analyze the data however they wish.

View Demo
What-If Analysis Demo
What-if Analysis

Using past data, the what-if analysis lets you see how different changes would affect various aspects of your business.

View Demo

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