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Build a web (and mobile) app in 30 minutes without programming

ProductivityIf your company plans on building mobile apps this coming year, or if you just wish there was a faster way to develop enterprise web applications, you should really try the newly revamped m-Power Trial.

The m-Power Trial was recently updated, and now also lets you build a mobile web app. In roughly 30 minutes, you will create an enterprise web app, along with tablet and smartphone versions of that web app. The best part: Everything is done without programming!

You can try it here: m-Power Trial

4 thoughts on “Build a web (and mobile) app in 30 minutes without programming”

  1. Rob –

    I understand the skepticism, and I love the analogy. However, I think if the analogy was changed to, “It’s sort of like solving equations with a calculator,” it would be more accurate. There’s still math involved, you just don’t have to do it. It’s the same thing with m-Power: There’s still code involved, but you don’t have to do it. m-Power handles the coding aspect of development for you.

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