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How to build a mobile extranet

EducationYou may remember the term “extranet” from back in the early 2000s. While the term may have lost traction since then, extranets are still widely used in many businesses. Today, they’re commonly known as customer-only sections, employee portals, or partner portals. It’s safe to say that most businesses probably use some sort of extranet on a daily basis.

If your business currently uses an extranet, here’s a question for you: Have you considered making it mobile?

The fact is, with the rise of mobile, extranets have the opportunity to become more useful than ever. What if you could make your employee portal, customer sections, or partner portals available as mobile web apps? Do you think your customers and partners would enjoy the added accessibility? Of course!

The best part: It’s really easy. This video explains how to create a secure extranet in just one day (with m-Power). Now, you might notice that the video doesn’t mention mobile. Here’s why: It’s automatic! m-Power automatically generates smartphone and tablet versions every time it creates a web app. So, if you follow the process outlined in that video, m-Power will create smartphone and tablet versions of your extranet automatically!