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Weekly recap: 10 BYOD concerns, design tips, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on BYOD concerns, application design tips, and more. I hope you find them useful:

iPad: Shiny new object, or new enterprise computing platform?
How does your business view tablets? Like it or not, tablets are making their way into the business world, with many experts predicting that tablets will even replace the PC. That means it’s time to start adapting your current apps for use on a touch-based interface. How can you do that?

10 BYOD concerns that go beyond security
Security is one of the biggest issues surrounding the BYOD trend. But, it’s certainly not the only one. While the article lists some great points for you to consider, it’s important that you don’t lose site of the real key to BYOD: It’s not about the device.

Effective design principles for web designers: Alignment
While this article is geared towards web designers, I think it is quite important for web application developers as well. Usability is an often overlooked, but very important factor in web application development. In this article, the author explains why alignment is so important in web sites (and web apps).

The state of dashboards in 2012: Pathetic
Over the last few years, business dashboards have become increasingly more graphical and attractive. But, does a highly graphical dashboard mean it’s a good dashboard? No. Rather than get caught up in looks, focus your dashboards on giving users the data they need in an easily understandable format.