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How to create home screen icons for your mobile web apps

EducationDuring a recent conference, we spoke with one attendee who bemoaned the fact that mobile web apps don’t offer home screen icons (like native apps do). Our response: Of course they do! You just need to create the icon and put it in the correct location. It’s really no different than creating a native app icon. After all…regardless of application type, the developer must still create an icon.

Here’s the best part: Creating home screen icons for your mobile web apps is really easy! If you’d like to learn how, we’ve written up a short tutorial, which you can find right here: How to create home screen (web clip) icons for your mobile web apps.

One more thing: I’ve noticed much confusion surrounding the differences between native apps and mobile web apps. For those of you still unclear about the differences between the two, here’s a white paper you’ll want to read. It outlines the differences between each mobile app option, and explains why the native approach is usually the wrong choice for business.