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Weekly recap: 10 web apps for developers, rules for radical CIOs, and more…

EducationEvery week, I share the most interesting and useful tech articles that I’ve found over the past week. This week’s top articles focus on web apps for developers, rules for radical CIOs, and more. I hope you find them useful:

How well are your IT groups supporting digital experiences?
Many IT departments still focus on keeping systems stable and secure. While still important, that’s no longer enough. Users expectations are changing, and IT must keep pace.

10 web apps for developers
If you’re a web application developer, here’s something you’ll want to read. It lists ten great tools that will make your life easier, like screen-size info (per device), javascript error detectors, a color analyzer, and more.

Rules for radical CIOs, part 2
This article takes Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, and adapts it to apply to CIOs and business technology. If you work as a CIO or IT manager, this is well worth a read.

12 clever cloud tools
Here’s a useful slideshow listing tools that will help you manage cloud infrastructures. If your company plans on moving your apps to the cloud, this gives you a good list of tools to make your life a little easier.